Easter Worship Songs

Easter Worship Songs
Easter Worship Songs
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The mission of this app: Easter Worship Songs is to equip, encourage, and energize Christians.
Today we sharing a few of our favorite easter worship songs to celebrate JESUS. Use these at church, in the car, at home, and when you wrap up your study of Clean on the Inside! We can have FUN singing our praises to Jesus, and I want my kids to know it and experience it! This app is working OFFLINE!
With Easter comes powerful emotions of sorrow and brokenness for our sins, and triumph and celebration because of the resurrection of Jesus. This is such a wonderful time to express our brokenness and praise to God through music. Here are Easter Worship Songs we think you should be singing this Easter that have components of both reflection and celebration.
Easter worship songs are continually getting a makeover, with more and more artists revamping classic hymns and writing new contemporary music focused on this important season. So we have been researching to compile a new list of awesome Easter music and we’re super excited to share with you a selection of our favorite Easter worship songs for 2017. We hope you find something new!
Let’s worship our RISEN Savior!