Easter Songs

Easter Songs
Easter Songs
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Looking for some great Easter songs to include in your worship setlist this Easter? We’ve put together a list of our favourite songs to help you out. People love Easter and they love music, too. So any great Easter celebration needs some Easter songs.
Easter could well be the most important celebration in the Christian calendar. The death and resurrection of Jesus marks the culmination of ancient prophesy, a pinnacle moment for the earthly expression of God’s love in the great biblical narrative of reconciliation. It is the death and resurrection of Jesus that paves the way for Pentecost, and lays the cornerstone of our faith in its place; eternal life that triumphs over death and looks forward with hopeful anticipation to the absolute completion of Jesus’ work upon His return.
Easter, has so many wonderful christian songs, both classic and new, to share with others. Easter marks an opportunity for everybody to sing and dance, often to the tunes of their favorite christian Easter songs.
And a magnificent way to commemorate Easter festivity is by singing devotional Easter songs and hymns. In case you want to revel in the festivity of Easter by singing some religious Christian Easter songs, we provided a list of traditional Christian Easter songs. Enjoy the Christian Easter songs!

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