Bible Stories for Kids

Bible Stories for Kids
Bible Stories for Kids
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Bible stories are great to teach children. They establish biblical principles and help children understand some of the larger concepts that are introduced in more complicated Bible stories for kids.
Bible stories can be great for teaching children. And they also have real meaning for anyone who wants to understand God and how He wants us to act. The Bible is full of stories, from Genesis clear to Revelation. Entire books of the Bible are dedicated to telling a specific bible story. Some of these are bible stories of good triumphing over evil, while others are heartrending stories that tell of death and destruction. Some stories are funny; some are poignant; and some just make you shake your head.
Story is important to all of us in our faith formation, but is is especially important at this stage, because it grabs their attention when they are not equipped to be taught through abstract reasoning. The bible stories help provide a standard of what is right and what is wrong.
Whether for our education or to encourage us, there is always a reason God placed each story in the Bible. Some of the stories of the Bible, such as the parables, are used to teach a lesson, teaching children the Word of God is the only way of preparing them to make the most important decision of their lives—where they will spend eternity.
These bible stories give children a sense of who they are and what it means to be the people of God.

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