Animal Quiz

Animal Quiz
Animal Quiz
Developer: Target Advert
Price: Free

Welcome to our Kids Animals Quiz app; is funny, educational and free that will educate children by helping them to learn in a fun and interesting way. There are many species of animal in the world; beautiful animals of different sizes – large, small and tiny, unusual colours and appearance, animals from all different countries, continents and habitats. There are all types including farmyard cattle, sea creatures, endangered wildlife species, wild and domestic animals and pets. Kids are inherently interested in the nature around them. With animal games and nature games kids are able to gain knowledge while having fun playing with wild animals and exploring nature.
Animal Quiz is a challenging quiz game for kids. It is designed to help kids identify and learn about different animals. The kids Animals quiz – Kids will enjoy the challenging game rounds as they test their knowledge of the animal kingdom. Dog, cat, mouse – those animals are easy to identify, but with some species things become complicated. In this free animal quiz you can test your knowledge about animals! Look at the picture in each level and guess the name of the animal. How many animals can you guess correctly?

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